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Published Date: July 25th, 2016
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Okay apologies for not posting last night but I was tired and just wanted sleep.
The full story is below but for those who just want the summary. I completed the Outlaw in 14.44.52.
Swim goal 1:30 – actual 1:31
Bike goal 7hrs – actual 7:03
Run goal 5hrs – actual 5:51

Swim: my training for the swim was not ideal with a shoulder injury, laziness and work commitments I probably only swam a dozen or so times this year but I did manage to get in a 2 mile swim a few weeks ago so knew I could do it.
The swim was warm, I am terrible at sighting so just used the people around me to make sure I was going straight. It also was good to see people around me as I knew that not last!
At the turn I checked my watch and it was 0:45 so I knew I was on time. The way back was uneventful although I did slow down to pee before exciting the water (am art form while trying to keep swimming).
Out in just over my goal of 1:30

Bike: in training my longest ride say around 70 miles but I was looking forward to pushing myself to over 100 miles.
I set of to too fast but was just enjoying the day, my goal was to keep up with Eric (962) who climbed faster but I would catch him on the flat and we would chat until the next hill . On the second loop which contained the hills be would lose me as I went though my own mental fight… You see it is so easy when you start to struggle to get caught up and keep pedalling slow rather then to keep pushing, and every opportunity I would try to increase my cadence to keep the legs turning but I was beginning to feel my hamstring tighten but more on that later.
At the start of the third loop, Gillian was there to cheer me on… I had to fight back the tears for the next mile as I thought about the support, encouragement and even self sacrifice that Gillian had made to help me get here.
The rest of the bike loop was uneventful, all the riders who previously were chatting were now quiet, going though own hell.
After seeing Gillian after the loop of was a short ride back before starting the run. After starting fast the second half of the ride evened it out and I completed it in just over 7hrs.

Run or should I say as the autocorrect on my phone typed Ruin – training had went well but a few weeks ago during my taper I had to stop 6m into a run as my hamstring went and I had to limp home.
I knew this would be an issue but had hoped to get at least a few hours into the run before it flared up. Unfortunately just a mile into the run I felt it go and had to resort to walking and that day me for the rest of the marathon… Walking and then trying to run, in some cases I would manage half a mile other times only a few steps… But I pushed on knowing that even if I walked I would make it well within the time..Gillian was there each loop to encourage me and even kick my ass…
Many of times during the run there was tears not of emotion but of pain as I tried to keep going. Although many of my fellow triathletes had resorted to walking I was still making headway as I could manage the occasional run.
After the numerous loops I was in the home straight full of emotions… Regret that I did not make my 14hr goal, joy that I was going to compete it and respect for those around me… Some of which had still to do another lap.

I then heard those words “Stuart Gillespie, you are an OUTLAW” and the pain seemed worth it.

Thanks to everyone who helped me on this journey, especially Gillian, Abigail and Lynn. All my running buddies and Larkhall Avondale swimming club for the morning swims (when I could make it).

Stuart “the Ironman” Gillespie

Stuart Gillespie

Published Date: July 10th, 2016
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My Ultimate Challenge – Swim 2.4 miles, Bike 112 miles and run 26.2 miles all in one day!
As many of you know I hope to complete the Outlaw Triathlon in 2 weeks and I appreciate all the help I have received both in training support and words of encouragement.
So many people have asked me if I am doing this for charity, and although I have in the past and marvel at the monies raised I wanted to do something different this time.
My goal is to complete the Outlaw in 14hrs, therefore my Challenge to each person who reads this is to donate 14hrs of their time to a good cause.
It does not have to be in one day, it could be 14 x 1hr, It does not have to be working with a recognised charity but could be. It could be helping an elderly person with housework or some painting or shopping, it could be giving your time helping the homeless, it could be coaching some kids in a sport you like, or like I do helping adults get fit… You Choose! Although it has to be something you don’t currently do regularly.
Are you up to the Challenge?

Stuart Gillespie

Published Date: June 29th, 2016
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For all those people posting messages over the last few days worried about Facebook stealing and using their messages, photos, videos, money, children, pack lunch and organs.
Firstly this is a hoax that has been going round for years, nothing is changing tomorrow. Although Facebook always have had have some rights to anything posted, otherwise your friends would be unable to see your photos, got still own the photos and other data posted .
Secondly by signing into Facebook, you accept their legal terms and conditions on how they use your data. A random message on Facebook cannot amend these terms… If you sign up to a credit card, you cannot amend the interest charged or credit limit by tweeting their account demanding the change, you would need the other parties acceptance.
If you don’t agree to their terms then delete your data, cancel your account, although this still does not remove their rights to anything of yours shared by your friends . In addition you can change your privacy settings to limit what can be shared.
Lastly does Facebook even care about that photo of your lunch/dinner, how your voted in the referendum, your favourite cat video or in my case the time and distance of my last run, bike or swim (and I am sure most of you don’t either).

Stuart Gillespie

Published Date: June 23rd, 2016
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My delayed father’s day present. Looking forward to training in these in the build up to my ironman in July .

Stuart Gillespie

Published Date: June 8th, 2016
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Looking for local tradesman who could install a wall mounted TV including a new power socket. Any recommendations?

Stuart Gillespie

Published Date: June 5th, 2016
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On finish line waiting on first finisher at Women’s 10km

Stuart Gillespie

Published Date: May 29th, 2016
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Anyone planning on getting one of these today?

Stuart Gillespie

Published Date: May 28th, 2016
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For all my running friends… a few comments from a finish line photographer

By the time you see me I will have taken your photo… We use telephoto lenses that can zoom in to get individual shots, therefore when you get close to me, it is too late to smile and wave your arms around (you are spoiling other people’s photos). So…

1) Make sure your number is visible, we cannot match you to your photos otherwise
2) Don’t check your watch or else I will get a photo of the top of your head
3) Don’t run behind someone, just because they have been your windbreak for the last 6 miles or their cute bum has got you through the last few miles… give yourself some space to get a full length photo
4) Don’t suddenly sprint, unless you are within a few sec of a PB or dipping below 3hr, 3:30 or another round number.
5) If you are walking, try and get a little jog on just for the photo… no one else will know apart from you and me… and I won’t tell anyone
6) Don’t throw your bottle away which you have been nursing for the last 4 miles… it messes up other people’s photos
7) If you want to finish hand in hand with your partner, running buddy, random stranger who has become your best friend over the last few miles. We will try and get your photo together but we shoot portrait and therefore may not fit you both in (and we are told to get individual photos of everyone).
8) There are other photographers so hopefully one of us will get a good shot
9) Finally, when you see the finishing line, just smile and enjoy your moment, your achievement, your finish!

See you at the finish!

PS I get paid for the event, not by the hour… so get a move on!

Stuart Gillespie

Published Date: May 25th, 2016
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A tough first session getting back to swim training for my ironman…only 2 months to go!

Stuart Gillespie

Published Date: May 20th, 2016
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Out for an enjoyable run with the clyderunners bees, although some had other ideas of ways to have fun!